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point. the economy is soft, inflation virtually non-existent and i'm just going to add why risk deflation when we barely have a recovery at all? one major consequence of the bernanke policy of ending bond purchases is the big jump in interest rates and that, in turn, changes stock market valuations and that is one big reason for the large correction in stocks this week. no one can foretell the future. least of all, me. but let me just ask a couple of questions here. have treasury rates completely discounted an end to qe, okay? i don't think they have. here's my fear. i'm just going to say this. if you play this out, the ten-year treasury ought to be the same as the growth of total spending or nominal gdp in the economy and that's 3.5%, maybe 4%. we're at 2.5% on the treasury. in other words, in the last year we'll be looking at rates going to 4% in treasurys and i don't think that's in the market yet. now, also, will both stocks and bonds play cat and mouse with the fed? every day, every week, every month for the next couple of months. that's going to be a tough one. since i don
base metals, indication of a slower global economy. commodity stocks, of course, they get hit when the dollar rises, 3%, 4% declines. they've been down 15% in the last six weeks here. let's move on here. there was no place to hide. it didn't matter. consumer staple stocks down 3%. utilities were down 3%. consumer discretionary defense care is not defensive. there wasn't any place to hide. i just want to note, larry, the s&p 500 down 5% from its historic high just about a month ago, but it's still up almost 12% on the year. bear that in mind, i want to know we're already getting deals cancelled and we had one secondary canceled tonight and brookfield renewable energy and they own wind mills and natural gas-fired power plants and they canceled late tonight due to what they call market conditions and the slide to the downside. larry, right now the futures are pretty much unchanged and we'll have it open tomorrow with a lot of trading and it will be the options exploration. after that, a lot of people here are hoping for a relatively smooth day, but nobody knows for sure. back to you.
-- pumping billions and billions of dollars into the economy. is it possible that we have gone from a tech bubble to a housing bubble to a fed bubble? >> it's absolutely a risk. the real question is is this easing? all this billions and billions of dollars, trillions of dollars really of dollars the federal reserve has printed and pumped into the economy. have they created a real enduring economic expansion? can housing exist? can housing keep recovering even without ultra-cheap money? can the housing market keep rising without ultra-cheap money? can housing growth continue? that's the bet that ben bernanke has been making the past couple of years. the question is is the debt going to pay off, or will we be right back in this mess we were five years ago? >> isn't the case when former chairman allen greenspan greens retired, he was pummeled because of the housing bubble. isn't it the case, since greenspan left, we've become more liberal with our monetary supply as far as pumping more money into the monetary supply. money has been basically free for investors and businesses for the past seve
university, about the state of the u.s. economy. later in the program we will be joined by a matthew segal. he will be here to talk about issues important to young americans. you are watching "washington journal." we will be right back. ♪ >> when you talk about transparency to the american public, there is -- you are going to give up something. you are going to be giving signals to our adversaries as to what our capabilities are. the more specific you get about the program, the more specific about the oversight, the more specific you get about the capabilities and successes, to that extent you have people sitting around saying, "ok, now i understand what it can be done with our numbers in yemen and in the united states and consequently i am going to find another way to communicate." there is a price to be paid for that transparency. where that line is drawn, in terms of identifying what our capabilities are, is out of our hands. if you tell us to do it one way we will do it that way. there is a price to be paid for transparency. >> robert muller makes his last scheduled appearance before
pleasure, thank you. >>> next in the money lead, the head of the fed says the economy is improving but free money is still flowing. so where do we stand now? plus, amnesty, the word that might kill the immigration reform bill. many conservatives coming to washington are fed up. i will ask democratic congressman castro whether he thinks the immigration reform bill has a chance in the house. [ indistinct conversations ] [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know it, but your mouth is under attack. food particles infiltrate and bacteria proliferate. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. ♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country mo
anticipated meeting on the economy. and the result of that meeting could affect your retirement savings, your ability to sell your home, buy a home, your 401(k), your cash. the list goes on and on. as we know, everyone sits with bateed brea bated breath waiting for the voice of ben bernanke. christine roman, good to see you. we're hoping you can translate some of the fed speak in language we can all digest. i know this is your beat. tell me, we're awaiting this statement. what will you be listening for? >> what we know is we have seen the statement. we know there's no change in the amount of bonds the fed is going to keep buying, that stimulus into the economy. no change in its interest rate target. really i would say overall no change from the fed right now. and that is what so many people wanted to know. will the fed chief, will ben bernanke, continue to stimulate the economy. they're putting $85 billion every single month right into the economy by making these bond purchases. what we can tell you, the statement from the fed, that's going to stay the same. they are not announcing how, when,
. there haven't been a lot of good things, the nsa stuff in particular. the economy is beginning to look a little firmer. and so, usually, that is the fundamental push in the trend line. so, yeah, there is a little surprise there. >> bill: you know, all of the talk about -- of course, benghazi, the irs, the department of justice and then, as you points out, the nsa. it all had its impact the. on nsa, the president said the intelligence community has to explain what this program is all about. they made their first attempt saying this has foiled 50 different terrorist plots. do you think this buries the issue and americans will accept it and go along now? >> there are a couple of different layers to the issue. one is: do -- -- does the public generally accept the notion of vacuuming up all of this data? if it is persuaded that this is what is necessary to stop terrorist actions. my guess is the public would be split but basically lean towards favoring it. and as we have seen over the past couple of weeks in polling on this stuff. the second is: does the
of the sequester. , it is something that because of the strength of the economy, it has not been as much of a public focus as the white house hoped. host: is it a matter of capitol hill not bringing it up enough? what has capitol hill been doing on this? guest: the democrats ready regularly bring up the sequester. there is no pressure on anyone to change the sequester at this point. the economy is doing fine. the budget situation is getting better. the economy is improving. the sequester is having a role as well. at this point, it seems impossible anyone would turn off the sequester before the end of september. it actually looks like the budget things that were included as part of the bill that created the sequester will continue for some time. i would expect the kind of cuts we are seeing right now will continue in the foreseeable future. we are taking your calls and comments on sequestration. the nsa to leaks, the upcoming decisions on gay marriage, and any other subject you want to talk about on capitol hill this week. ken is up next on the independent line. good morning. caller: good
national security but invests in the economy. it's more about who we are. i'm very hopeful. >> senators get back to work on capitol hill behind me in this 15 minutes. we expect to hear from senator reid. back to you. >> joe biden is one in the immigration leading the charge for this. >> it's time to provide a fair, reformed unfettered pass to citizenship for $11 million undocumented immigrants. >> he spoke at a awards banquet in las vegas and says this is part of the future of america. >>> and san francisco state senator leland yee will hold a news conference in support of immigration reform. he will unveil a measure that pardons 11 million immigrants and branses them similar immigration rights as same-sex couples. >>> a new volunteer center has been launched for sierra lamar. they've moved to central high school. it used to be at burnett elementary. sierra's father, steve, made the move will allow volunteers to rico -- refocus on finding her. now, antolin garcia-torres has been charged with her murder. >>> a shooting happened about 10:00 at 6th and natoma. the victim was shot twice but is
ourselves, be able to have that kick start, to come in, into the local economy, and, therefore, make an struinstrumental differ. >> reporter: today is the start of national small business week. treasury secretary jacob lew came by the company. he took a tour of the facility and got a chance to see how critical small businesses are to helping the local economy, especially in our region. >> show other women, show other minorities that you can do well in this business, that there are opportunities, and that if you stick with something and you persevere, that you will be successful. >> the idea of dreaming, of becoming manufacturers, it was a dream that when we would talk about it out loud, everyone around us would just squash it. >> reporter: without the small business loan, this $60 million-plus company never could have flourished without the help of local lenders. >> you have the sba, you have the treasury. you have local community banks who believe in us. >> reporter: there's a lot that encompasses a small business. i was talking to the owners this morning. one thing they were talkin
which will have a terrible impact on state and local economies. going back to when the government tries to implement compassion it will always be done on a political basis. i want to speed up because we want to leave time for discussion and our other panelists. i want to give you an example how this happens. i heard this great example. think about a mother who steals to feed her children. she goes to children. her children end up in foster care. we have sympathy and there is the terrible situation, where is the outcry for amnesty for such a person? where the outcry for family reunification for someone broke the law. it is not there? why? because she is not a member of desired political block people in washington trying to garner favor for. that is to go back to let individual discuss 19 we get mandate for compassion. go next to verse 34, right after the mandate that we exercise kindness to strangers, it also prohibits unjust weights and measures. that is what this bill is. it is an unjust weight and measure. we need to take the things into consideration. i could go on. this bill also, a
reform. it debunks the idea that immigration reform is anything other than a boon to our economy and robs the bill's opponents of one of their last remaining arguments. >>> all right, let's dig down on this and joining me now for more is mark murray. mark, it's good to have you here. we know from the lead figure on the immigration gang of eight has been senator marco rubio, however he's been saying recently the bill needs stronger border security measures. other republicans like senator john cornyn of texas want things like a 100% situational awareness, 90% apprehension on the border. as we look at what senator rubio's motives are now, is he undermining the hard work of the immigration eight by entertaining these amendments or is this just politics as usual? >> thomas, i think it's actually more trying from marco rubio's perspective to strengthen the bill to get more republican support. the gang of eight is still together. i mean, there are sometimes it's been reported there's been a little of annoyance about some of the requests that senator marco rubio has made to have more security but
of money they're pumping into the economy each month. >> we will ease the pressure on the accelerator by gradually reducing the pace of purchases. >> reporter: the second, overnight thursday, bad news from china. manufacturing production fell for the first time in eight months. a sign that one of the world's most powerful economies isn't growing as fast as it had been. the pros on wall street say this was bound to happen after months of gains and record highs. and in fact, the fed pulling back might be a good sign that the economy's getting better. >> there is no fear. there is no panic that's going on. but i think we do know that it's going to be a nice slow, orderly process to see if our economy can stand on its own again. >> reporter: that doesn't make yesterday any prettier, and stocks were only part of it. a metal meltdown. 2 1/2-year lows for gold and silver. gold, the shelter from the storm in the recession, is dropping like a rock, losing a quarter of its value to far this year. don't be too afraid to peek at your 401(k). even after yesterday's dramatic drop, the dow was up mo
are children. they are seniors, disabled. so it is a very serious issue. people are struggling in this economy for their survival. we have high unemployment, wages down. income has not increased. why do we want to take this moment and throw more people into poverty and increase hunger? it does not make sense. in the past, there has been a bipartisan coalition. they came together around the issue of hunger, and addressing that issue. this farm bill woodcut $21 billion in the nutrition program, in the food stamp program. it would throw 2 million people off of the program. one million of whom are children. because there is a link between the program and school lunch, school breakfast,, that means over 200,000 youngsters will be kicked off the program. it is not right. host: here are details about snap, the supplemental assistance program, also known as food stamps. these numbers come from march of this year. that is 23 million households. $75 billion in total last year. in terms of what people get, it ,s $133 on average per person $270 per average per household. we see the number at 47.7 million
to help the american economy, help get jobs. in this comparative world of ours, we have to do everything we possibly can legitimately and reasonably to help american people, help american small business, help american multinational corporations, american companies compete better and have less red tape so they can focus more on jobs. it's a combination of substance and psychology, which i think will help spur the economy. >> i would just say that the tax code was broken and needed to be fixed, and the tax code is broken now. all three of our witnesses said the tax code was broken. is other thing i would add the world has changed. the ability to invest around the world with the click of a mouse is so much easier, so we have to look at what other countries have done. they have modernized their tax system, and we have not. the other thing, i think, that i think is somewhat similar is you .ave to be very persistent that reform would not have happened without continual persistence and effort. is not as strong as it needs to be. we need to get the kind of growth in job creation and wage increas
and 2011. their take went from 10% to 20% of the whole. we live in a superstar economy. >> e.j., we live in a superstar economy. you base your column in a speech that was actually given by alan krueger at the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland. talking about the dangers of growing in come inequality. we hear it from the left and the right. alan greenspan says it's one of the greatest threats to american capitalism. what do we do about it? >> there's a number of things we can do about it. i thought the speech was very powerful because how do you get people to talk about inequality. putting it into the context of rock, the theme really is, it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. the difference between the top and the bottom is bigger. i think we're taking some steps already on taxation. i think we need to do a lot more to help people at the bottom end of the economy stay in school longer, go to community college. i think that's part of it. but we also need just a fair bargain between labor and capital. justin wolfer, the economist, put out some charts yesterday that s
's a reflection of the economy. i stand in support of mr. gowdy's safe act and we've seen as moving before in 1986 and if we go down that path it's not going to end well and it's an to have a devastating effect. thank you for allowing me to speak today. >> thank you, sheriff and we will now recognize mr. crane to read >> good afternoon, a ranking member conyers and members of the kennedy. we are still reading through this a fact introduced by congressman gowdy however my reaction is one of appreciation and support for his efforts. i applaud the congressman and his staff for creating a bill that makes public safety a priority that reforms enforcement. unfortunately, the gang of eight legislation reflects an absence of all enforcement input as it contains no tangible plan for border security and essentially ignores interior enforcement altogether while simultaneously treating it that his citizenship for members of criminal street gangs and most other criminal aliens. we hope the members of both parties in the house and in the senate will review the provisions of the safe act as the gang of eight leg
year and they're concerned what the fed is going to do when they stop supporting the economy probably some time into next year. you'll see this gut check where people are taking money off the table. >> christine romans reporting live from new york city, thank you. >>> six women, six women, just women would decide the fate of george zimmerman and remember race could be a key factor to this case. five of thez women jurors are white. one is described as hispanic or black. opening statements now set for monday. also, today the judge will rule on a controversial voice analysis of the screams heard on this 911 call. >> does he loohurt to you? >> i can't see him. i don't want to go out there. i don't know what's going on. >> do you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> all right. what is your -- >> all right, you heard the screams in the background. the prosecution wants to show it was trayvon martin's voice. if so, that could hurt zimmerman's self-defense claim in shooting zimmerma eme eme em was unarm aed. >>> also new information this morning in the sudden death of james gandolfini. hotel s
the fact the unions and taxes are the two things that bring down the nation's economy. anyone that loves history can see it over and over again, taxes, high taxes, they drive businesses out of a country to another country and it is hard to get them back. when you unionize to the point where it is ridiculous, sitting around pretending like they are union bosses, sucking up the workers' money, it is never going to work. never, ever. maybe if we look at greece and these other failures, you can see what is behind them. host: what can the president do this week at this economic gathering? that maybe hek can listen more than he speaks? -- caller: i think i can -- i think that maybe he can listen more than he speaks? host: what is your take on who he should be listening to? caller: i am not sure. you have a bunch of people with similar mindsets trying to solve problems they have all proved they cannot solve. florida, thankm you for the call. this twitter message from murray -- host: we want to get your thoughts on america's standing in the world and these issues hanging over the president as he
in the eurozone and the economy. they'll discuss the trade negotiations associated with the potential transalantic trade investment partnership. they'll discuss the situation in afghanistan where germany remains a stalwart ally and continues to contribute to the mission there as well as, again, how nato can provide support beyond 2014. i don't anticipate they'll discuss syria, iran, and the middle east peace as issues we regularly consult closely with the german zone. following the bilateral meeting, a press conference. then a private lunch together at the chancellory. following that, the president will give remarks at the brandenburg gate. it comes on the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's speech at the height of the cold war when west berlin was under considerable siege. given the progress made in germany and the fall of the berlin wall, it's a true symbol of the partnership that we forged together. i expect the president would hit on broad themes in that speech associated with the shared history of the transalantic alliance, how far we've come together in germany and the other allies but t
changes to make there, but the really big news on the economy came yesterday. obviously, with ben bernanke. >> joining me is former treasury official and analyst steve rattner. also, we have new york times reporter jeremy peters. good to have you both onboard. we'll start with ben bernanke. he expressed confidence in the nation's economic growth yesterday saying the fed will start to rein in its stimulus program later this year. bernanke laid out the federal reserves plan, which includes tapering off its multibillion bond-buying program until the unemployment rate drops to 7%. the fed expects that to happy the middle of next year. >> that's great news, right? >> in some way. >> so that's the good news. what bad news could there be from that, steve rattner. >> i think we'll find out. >> the fed will also hold off on raising interest rates keeping them to near zero until unemployment falls to 6.5%. as for wall street's response, this may be where things change. the markets took a dive as soon as bernanke started speaking. by 3:05 the dow fell 140 points closing the day down more than 200, st
a rational and positive immigration program will choke this economy. it's not a good idea. >> it will be good for every worker here. every day we wait is a day we've lost. >> how about that? youhen the is the last time saw those two on the same page? >> i think it was the united way mable for the nationals redskins parade and that's it. >> quite bluntly to put it in political terms. the senator from arizona says this makes it difficult for republicans to compete nationwide and state by state. it's tough to compete for people's votes on any issue when they believe you don't like them and that's where the republicans are right now. and john boehner has a real problem because you saw what they did last week. with steve cain in the lead from iowa they repealed the dream act which is enormously popular and hurt republicans in the 2012 election and i don't think it argues well for the immigration in the house. >> you don't think this thing is going to make it? >> right now i think what boehner wants to do is get the house judiciary committee to break it up bit sizes to pass something so he doesn't
? >> a resounding no. the economy is going to continue to lift off. i think by november of 2014 the democrats are going to to be in a very strong position. the only way we move social in this country is by taking principle stands and sometimes have you to take a short-term political hit to move the country forward. >> speaking of honesty and trustworthiness, we just got fox news polls in moments ago which we'll bring you shortly. wow. this is not good news for the white house. gentlemen, thank you both so much. >>> we recently brought you the powerful story of the phoenix police officers who went beyond the call of duty for a 5-year-old girl. look at this picture. who lost her police officer dad to a hit-and-run driver. up next, a new twist as we learn the illegal immigrant accused of killing her father could now get special protection. we'll tell you why that is. >>> wait until you see what happened with the teenage fisherman who came face to face with a rare breed of shark and decided to go for a joy ride. all that as we have a former vice president and a brand new poll i just mentioned fro
are included in the farm economy. they passed a version that will spend $955 billion. the house is considering its own version. all right, if you're looking for work or just a career change, the trucking industry is hiring big-time and hopefully it's making changes on its controversial english-only policy in stores. i'll explain that in the next hourly, i'm linda bell reporting to be abc news. >> thank you, linda. 4:36, 17 degrees. >> "good morning, washington," commenting on the whistle blower scandal. harsh words >> welcome back everyone to "good morning, washington" this monday morning, 4:31. >> time for a check on the weather with jacqui jeras, jacqui. >> hi, guys. a couple sprinkles out there this morning, no big deal. all this south of the metro area. you might see it in southern faulkier county, stafford and charles county and this is all light, you probably don't need your windshield wipers for this kind of activity but it's something out there, want you to know about it and not caught off guard. it's warm, muggy start to our workweek. 66 in d.c., 70 in dulles, 70 in winchester. our ex
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and their economies in the two-day meeting. they will discuss the crisis in syria. that will be one of the topics the president talks about when he meets with vladimir putin. russia has been one of the syrian government's key allies. >>> new this morning, we're receiving word that britain may have its own government surveillance scandal on its hands. "the guardian" is reporting that the british spy agency, gchq hacked into e-mails and phones during international conferences. according to the report, they stole passwords in 2009. "the guardian" got the information from former nsa contractor edward snowden. >>> back in the u.s., you can expect fallout from the secret surveillance programs. colorado senator mark udall will introduce a bill to limit what phone records the government can access. he thinks the nsa should be allowed to collect information from people with ties to terrorism. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of americans' phone calls -- this is the meta data. this is time, place, to whom you direct the calls, is making us safer. and i think it's a violation of the fourth
? if there is something we can do about it, does it justify that the economy -- the hit that the economy might take? and what will happen to physical industry in ohio and west virginia, for example. and i think it will probably be very dangerous for a conservative to be "a climate change denier." having said that, there are some very real questions over how do you respond and how serious is it? but i think that is an issue that we'll be confronting as president obama points out. i think it's an issue that is not something that anybody really decides to vote on, which may be why it's not up there with immigration reform. host: ok. something like climate change tracks with conservative vores now? guest: i would say probably not. if you were in favor of -- it could hit you from an economic standpoint and it could hurt you in a place like ohio and west virginia, which is really struggling right now with their economy, but if you go down and you ranked -- there's this question over preference vs. intensity. and we saw this with gun debate with background checks. so like almost everybody is in favor of b
"washington journal", members of congress. new york democratic candidate hakim jeffries on the economy. then pennsylvania republican tim murphy on health care laws and its implementation is behind schedule. "washington journal" is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern everyday. >> in a lot of ways, this is a challenging time for people who are conservatives. we have a liberal democratic president who is not only elected and reelected after putting into place some ideas and programs and projects that i think are very wrongheaded, the public had a chance to think about that and they did reelect him. it is a challenging time. it is also an exciting time if what you are tryingt to do and that is to modernize conservatism and bring it in line with what the challenge is for the country at this time. therefore, also the country is thinking about the challenges of the 21st century. neither party is doing a good job of that. there's a lot of opportunities for thinking about what america in the 21st century needs to change about the way it governs itself. in order to get back to economic growth and prosperi
the economy improved, we always saw those levels retreat and go back down. this time it is not happening. no entitlements. do you think there is a political motive here with the far left which now control the white house and most of congress that they are actively trying to lock people into this government dependency to lock in a permanent democratic majority? >> i think that conclusion can be easily reached. because for one thing, to your point about usually when we see an economy move beyond the recession, we see these programs recede with them. we've seen almost a million additional households on food stamps in the course of the past year. that is unheard of, unthinkable. in terms of a dependency motive for this administration for the eft that is represented by the democratic party in washington, i think that's entirely possible. but as troubling is that the right, the republican party has not come up with intelligence sustainable, effective solutions in response to what they see as the motivation and the program of this president. >> that's a huge problem. this is going unabated. bot
is drowning in debt. i reject the implication that our economy is doing better because life is good on wall businesses small across this country are crumbling on main street. our country can do better than this massive sovereign debt, this expanding welfare state, just drift toward socialized medicine that is modeled after modern western europe. we can do better, and we must. and starting today, we got to start the fight to regain those values. let me close with this. , wee fight for our country need to do it with joy. thatarty has frankly lost example of the happy warrior. ronald reagan died a little less than a decade ago, and sometimes i fear with his passing we have forgotten that conversations should come with a smile. ought to be our code. our conviction and passion compassion, not content or anger or fear mongering. we stand for the principles that made america great, and we should exude those principles with joy. smile when you disagree with a liberal. [laughter] , and as ronald reagan once said, liberals know so much that is not so. [laughter] [applause] so we need to be strong, co
to grow the overall pie. and as all of us know given the economy over the past several years, there hasn't been a whole lot of increases in occupied housing. so that's been somewhat challenging. when we ultimately have a return to occupied housing growth, which inevitably we will, i think that should provide us with the wind at our back that should help us grow the video business. at the same time as we've had limited growth in the overall universe of potential video customers, we've also had a number of new entrants into is the video space. so there's been kind of a new equilibrium amongst video providers. we've had both verizon via their fios product and at&t enter our market for video. so that's created somewhat of a headwind in terms of growth in the video business. but we're very focused on returning the business to growth, and we think ultimately the way that happens is by insuring that we have an absolutely world class video product, and we can come back to that pause there's a lot of things -- because there's a lot of things we're demoing here at the cable show that i think is re
.s. economy and cooperation from the g-8 leaders. he's putting russia's vladimir putin to end the civil war in syria. mr. obama is being dogged by the revelation that he's presiding over vast programs of spying and surveillance. today the disclosure that in 2009, at two london summits, u.s. teams helped intercept the leader's private communications. that's the latest bombshell dropped by ed snowden who leaked nsa phone and internet programs, then said the u.s. is hacking into chinese computers and today talked about the 2009 summit intercepts, reducing the 29-year-old's credibility in the minds of many. >> the mortar gets edward snowden lashes out at, the more angry he looks like he is angry at the united states. >> reporter: on a web chat today, snowden reveals what he's claiming is the nakedly aggressively criminal acts, not operations against military targets. the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me, said snowden. truth is coming and it cannot be stopped. as the revelations reverberated at today's summit, obama and nsa staffers compile what
. it is a real jewel in the crown of the united kingdom economy. i think what's encouraging is that this year we're seeing a growth and production as a number of new fields and projects come on stream buddies right to say that at >> you have been watching prime minister's questions from the british house of commons. question time airs live every wednesday at 7 a.m. eastern when the house of commons is in session and again on sunday nights at 9 p.m. eastern and pacific. watch any time at www.c-, where you can find video of hast prime minister's questions and other public affairs programs. on monday, british foreign secretary william hague told members in the house of commons recent allegations they tried obtain data from private citizens were baseless. he added it was subject to proper statutory controls and safeguards. following the remarks, mr. haig took questions from members. an fairly it has fully explored. >> i will make a statement on the legal framework. i am responsible for the work and the secret intelligence service. the home secretary is responsible for in my five area did i
into sunday. >>> on top of syria, the taliban and the global economy, president obama's addressing another important topic today in a speech in germany. >> i intended to seek negotiated cuts with russia. >> you who this change might impact our national security. >>> was it a terrorist attack? a new report on a plane crash 17 years ago off long island. the question questions in this case. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >>> clear skies except for a few patches of fog. it will be cool to start off. not as windy. but very nice visibility. highs warmer. >>> new pictures to show you. a reported tornado yesterday at denver internat
fort meade where the nsa is. we're talking about a real profound transformation not only of the economy of the city, but the demographics, the it's physical shape that has come about simply because of all of this national security contracting that begs a lot of questions that david talked about. you know, over time progressively we've gotten a little bit more information about what happens in the nsa what are these guys up to, but it's been a topic of creeping ominousness for a decade now because we've all seen just the scale of money and employees that these companies have. >> john: david, before i move off this topic i do want to ask can you explain what the no- no-money rule is when it comes to booz allen? >> i've written about this before. when it comes to political reporting, the influence of money itself, of what politicians are saying to us and how they're vote something essentially written out of the story. you'll have some stories that are specifically about just about the money going into the political system. but in the day-to-day political reportage, if you read about a give
attention will be paid to those communities because it is important for economy or my state, i am sure others are in similar situations. i wanted to ask you, you said there would be an impact, mr. leocha, on places like boston. would you explain that more? >> let me talk about the pilot issue. i get phone calls about every week from people from u.s. a p a, u.s. airways pilots association. everyone is not happy. there are still lot of questions and obviously there may be support for the merger because they are getting rid of someone they don't like or getting paid a lot more money but that doesn't mean necessarily we are not going to have labor unrest. back to the smaller airports what we did when we did our overlap study we found out airports like boston and bradley have some of the highest numbers of these overlapping connecting rooms so what happens is american airlines has we 3 or four routes back and forth between bradley and seattle or bradley, they might go bradley, chicago, seattle and someone might go bradley, philadelphia, chicago. as we right size it, it means we could end up
to dial back depends on how the economy is performing. >>> right here in washington, d.c., there's a waiting list several months long. you heard me, months long to take the road test to get your driver's license. >> that's long. the dmv hopes to speed things up, but faster service comes at triple the price. here's delia goncalves with the story you'll only see on wusa9. >> i'm scheduled -- >> danielle waited three months, unfortunately on this day, he didn't make the grade, he has to return for another test. you guessed it, in another three months. >> a long waiting list. >> why the wait? the lack of instructors at the dmv. although the dmv wouldn't tell us how many they have on staff. we spent about three hours outside the brentwood office in northeast and saw the two same instructors clipboards in hand, heading out to the 20 minute road test. and our sources confirm. we have exclusively obtained internal memos that show the dmv is recruiting that. will speed up the process. or a price. right now, folks pay a total of $55 to get a d.c. license. but could soon be paying near
conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. aren't always the most obvious. take the humble stevia plant, with a surprising secret to share: sweetness. truvia sweetener. zero-calorie sweetness, born from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness. ♪ >>> this block, we're talking about the big business stories. and we're starting with two of the world's top designers now sentenced to prison. maybe you've heard of these two guys. dominica dolce and stefano gabbana. >> i know them. >> they're accused of not telling authorities about an offshoot company that cost literally millions in euros and taxes. dolce & gabbana say it's not true. neither started their sentence. the trending twitter, hash tag dolcegabbana. >> they'll be fine. it's a multibillion dollar brand. they'll h
came in 1956. the problem is the world has changed. as a result because we now live in a global economy where we're competing for talent, not just work force, but we need to have more of a merit-based and career-based immigration system. this bill would do that. it would move it in that direction. we have a broken legal immigration system, by the way, because it's cumbersome, complicated, bureaucratic. you really have to lawyer up to legally immigrate to the united states, especially in certain categories. particularly if you look at the agriculture sector, there is no reliable, sustainable way for agriculture to get foreign labor. and by and large, while there are americans that will do labor in the agriculture industry, there is a shortage of americans, a significant shortage of americans that will do labor, that will work in the agriculture industry, and we don't have a program for agriculture that works for people to come legally here. but the jobs are there so people are coming illegally. so we have a broken legal immigration system, and that has to be fixed, that has to be moderni
economy, about jobs, i've talked about transportation, i've talked about the relationship of the individual citizen and their government and how that relationship works or sometimes doesn't work lately. but this is a time just to be able to pause for a moment and not talk about necessarily some new government law or some new regulation but to celebrate for justice a -- just a moment dads. with father's day this past weekend and to be able to hesitate again and be able to say thanks to my own dad, but to also talk about the fact that it is the love of our life , for men to be able to enjoy their children just like it is for ladies to be able to enjoy their children as well as a mom. there's something very unique. and i believe firmly that every child needs a mom and needs a dad. they come at parenting from two different directions and they together make such a dramatic difference in the life of a child. to have a mom and to have a dad. it's interesting to me that the last verse in the old testament in that verse from maliki can 4:6, it ends that new testament by saying, the
promised to improve iran's wilting economy and reduce unemployment, which topped 15%. in what could be a key overture to the west, he promised to reduce international tensions over iran's nuclear program. the white house says it remains ready to engage with the iranian government directly. >>> it was a violent night in istanbul, turkey. turkish security forces stormed gezi park, using water cannons and tear gas to force antigovernment protesters out of the park and into side streets. and after hours of fighting, we see this, gezi park completely clear and clean. turkish prime minister erdogan says he plans a counterdemonstration today after the antigovernment message that was sparked over the past two weeks. >>> russia is warning the u.s., enforcing a no-fly zone over syria to help rebel forces could violate international law, but the white house has not decided on establishing a no-fly zone, an idea thrown out there by some republicans. president obama's deputy national security adviser says the fighting between rebel forces and the assad regime is so intermingled, it's not a probl
of things we need to be doing from top to bottom. imfwrags reform. working on our economy so there are more jobs in america and why we would do a detour for this which is not only wrong policy, but never going to become law is a good question. i know that all around the country republicans are trying to pass bills like this one. i can only assume it's trying to tee up a new case with the supreme court in the hopes that the rights of american women can be diminished. i can only gather, or guess, that this is really an attempt to appeal to a narrow base that is against rights for women in america. >> on the issue of the rape and incest exemption, that is not -- there was no rape or incest exemption when this went through the committee process. that was change by the republicans i understand. >> sort of. >> by their own design on friday. after they resisted that for a long time. that's what led to congressman franks saying what he did about low incidence of rape-caused pregnancy. seeing the fight over this, particularly in wisconsin, where the opponents of the bill there were so eloquent in ar
to be shocked by the corruption that crashed our economy, then you're going to be shocked by the report "rolling stone" has for us tonight. that's coming up. also a shocking turn of events on the house floor as the house speaker brings crucial legislation to the floor and watches it go down in flames. i'll tell you why what's bad for john boehner is good for the
to common law and that celebrated tradition and traditional economy. in the place of judicial discretion james davis the subcommittee chairman from georgia proposed in 1953 that mandatory minimum sentences be attached to a series of offenses that would require a presiding judge to give a predetermined sentence no matter what the judge happened to think. davis drew heavily on his views of the district to justify the move. we have reached the point where it's risky for women and girls to be on the streets after dusk congressman davis concluded at a time when d.c.'s crime rate was one of the lowest of any major city in the country. despite the crime panic some congressman voiced reservations and urged caution. pennsylvania democrat herman eberhard or the most outspoken critic of the bill pointed out congress is proposing something to the residence of the district of columbia that is not required in any state of the union adding we are attempting in fact to use the district of columbia as a guinea pig on which to tryout a radical departure of rentals but his colleagues were undeterred by the
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